The system / device should be suitable for measuring the severity of PD inside Electrical Power

Transformer in field / site/plant and capable of detecting the location of PD accurately

accurately and should have

following functionalities:

• Detecting, locating, measuring and storing the amplitude, frequency and phase resolved PD data.

• Post processing of stored PD data [for evaluation of the characteristic PD quantity in mili volts

(“apparent charge” associated with pico coulombs from an electrically triggered system if

possible) ] and display in 2D & 3D graphs.

• Provide information for magnitude (apparent charge) phase-position and event time of each PD

signal to be recorded and stored.

• Supplied with diagnostic tool (software) for data evaluation and automatic PD failure recognition

using a PD data base tool (foot print analysis).

• Software capable of creating a 3 dimensional picture of transformer tank and diagrammatic

representation of location of sensors on surface of transformer tank with colour code.

• Visualizing & analyzing the PD events in reply mode (based on stored data), without loss of any




Mobile-Transformer-FDD-EPT-testing-with-sensors-25 MVA


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