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DDI provides sophisticated state-of-the-art diagnostic systems for electrical power equipment to detect and locate partial discharge with precise accuracy.DDI has a proven track record in the state-of-the-art algorithmic technology related to energy, aviation, military, and stem cell identification


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DDI is your intelligent source for analyzing issues related to energy crisis in the power sector market in US and worldwide.

Test Equipment

DDI is your convenient and cost-effective source for Test Equipment. Refer to the available Product line.

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We can design Electrical Power Transformers ranging from 5 MVA to 500MVA (11KV to 525KV), both core and shell type.


During Installation, users will receive expert training and instruction. Additionally, DDI’s staff of expert technician’s .


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DDI Product

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Diagnostic Devices Inc., manufactures and sells Fault Diagnostic Device for Electrical Power Transformers(FD²-EPT) and Fault Area Network for Electrical Power Transformers (FAN-EPT). These devices are less costly and field tests have proven them to be much more reliable than existing diagnostic devices. FD²-EPT and FAN-EPT are products whose accuracy has been tested and proven in real-time utility environment. Utilities and manufacturers can substantially reduce costs associated with defects in operating transformers by early detection of PD. FAN-EPT especially can now revolutionize on-line PD monitoring with easy remote access.

DDI Product

DDI Product

We Provide Many Types of Systems

FD²-EPT is offered with a lunch-box unit. The unit is configured from six channels to 16 channels and is suitable for on-site testing with transformer in service. This unit is also offered in rack-mount, panel mount and briefcase configurations

DDI Product


FAULT AREA NETWORK to monitor three to nine transformers as in a sub-station setting. This has capability of remote operation via modem or any other communication protocol. Click here for specs

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Recent DDI Activities  updated 10/09/2016

  1. In February of 2016 DDI tested a large 25 MVA, 132 kV dual secondary Rectifier Transformer for ABB in Vaasa, Finland and certified that it had no significant partial discharge existing in it. The client was extremely satisfied with the process used by DDI with its Briefcase FDD-EPT unit. If you need any further help or advise on such situations please contact us immediately: www,diagnostic-devices.com

2) On July 8, 2016 DDI demonstrated successfully the operation of eCAD at the clinic of Dr. Vazirani in Fort Mumbai; the operation of eCAD for detection and location of stenosis in a 25 year old male patient.

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3) In September of 2016 DDI was contacted by NeelTran Transformers in CT for the partial discharge detection and location of two of their 25 MVA, rectifier transformers.

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Your system is user friendly and easy to operate and use in the factory setting.
We are glad we availed of your services and we have no reservations in recommending your product and services to other transformer manufacturers and users like the utilities in USA and the World..
Mr. Emilio Morales, Design Manager-Ohio Transformer, Palmetto, FL, USA

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