DDI Services

DDI also offers on-site testing service both to utilities and transformer manufacturers. Complete test report is provided immediately at site to the customer. We provide annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for testing needs to utilities and manufacturers. Once the fault has been identified DDI will provide expert advise in the redesign of the corresponding equipment. We have a combined experience of more than 100 years in related applications.. . .


Outstanding Consulting Services

DDI is your intelligent source for analyzing issues related to energy crisis in the power sector market in US and worldwide. Our services address a wide range of technical, economic, regulatory issues.Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you improve your competitive positions and save your power system holdings.

Test Equipment leasing

DDI is your convenient and cost-effective source for Test Equipment. Refer to the available Product line. We can provide help to install the systems and also for data collection and analysis. eCAD data interpretation done by Board Certified Physicians to assess stenosis in coronary arteries.


design design

Design Services

We can design Electrical Power Transformers ranging from 5 MVA to 500MVA (11KV to 525KV), both core and shell type. Our designers were trained in Westinghouse Canada and USA and have a combined experience of more than 75 years in design and manufacture of transformers and gapped-core shunt reactors.


During Installation, users will receive expert training and instruction. Additionally, DDI’s staff of expert technician’s supplements the FD²-EPT and FAN-EPT User’s Manual. Twenty-four hours a day, DDI’s technical support team is available to answer your questions. Data management is and made easy with FD²-EPT and FAN-EPT. Permanent records are a simple by-product of the system. All data acquired by FD²-EPT or FAN-EPT is displayed in variety of formats, all of which are easy to duplicate and use.


230 kV Mobile-Transformer-FDD-EPT-testing for PD


Mobile-Transformer-FDD-EPT-testing-with-sensors-25 MVA, 230 kV